Community Outreach

Healthy communities need artists — and young entrepreneurs. To that end, we aim to be a model for young small-business owners, and encourage a more robust and competitive market for designers, photographers and other creative-minded folks in western Nebraska.

Help us reach out. We want to encourage the next generation of professional creatives and hometown entrepreneurs. If you're a teacher, professor, parent or youth group leader, contact us to arrange a group presentation or mentorship session.

Our mission of service

When you partner with Black Goose, you contribute to our mission of community service. In the last five years, we've provided free and deeply-discounted services to fledgling businesses, charitable organizations, members of the local art and music scene, and more. 

Are you a member of a church, charity, community agency, art group or other organization? We'd be happy to sponsor your next event. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.